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Low Impact Home

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Low Impact LivingEco House

From an early age I have been fascinated by living a life in an alternative environment. As a child I would play at being at a gypsy with my horse drawn caravan, or dress up all in green and pretend I was an elf living in a woodland home under the hedge at the bottom of the garden. Gathering blackberries and creating a small abode where I would  summon my friends, also elves of course to sit crossed leg on cut grass mats and eat the blackberries with mum’s ice cream. OK I had a passion for ice cream too!

This passion has never left me. Neither has the craving for home made ice cream! Over the years I have had the opportunity to live some of my dreams. In Scotland we renovated a couple of small traditional cottages. We used a water diviner to source our water from the hill. A wind generator for our electricity, and I even had my horses! Unfortunately as yet I haven’t experienced my gypsy caravan. But I have lived in a converted railway carriage by the sea, and our last project was our amazing cave house in Andalucia.

Live a greener lifeSo when I came across this most amazing low impact home I had to tell you all about it! It is the creation of Simon and Jasmine Dale along with the help of friends and family who helped with the construction of this totally unique home.  In the beautiful Welsh countryside The Eco house was constructed from all natural, reclaimed and local materials. Simon and Jasmine along with their young children took the decision to turn their back on modern life and live without the stress of mortgage payments, or the exposure of  toxins that are integral to modern housing. From the plastic UPVC windows to the chemicals in modern paints. The shear satisfaction that they have built and created an Eco home for themselves and their children is awe inspiring and after reading their experiences and the wealth of information they have offered, well, watch this space. We reformed and cave house, I think it might be time to create my woodland home!

Since building their first Eco home they are now creating their second  home on their own 7 acre piece of land as part of the LAMMAS PROJECT which is a voluntary organisation that has been working to promote low impact development in Pembrokeshire. I’m just going to have to put it on my TO DO list to visit this incredible Eco village.

Go to to read all about the construction of their Eco home, information on building your own, and the reasons behind their decision to take the plunge and build their unique home from scratch.


I would LOVE to hear from anyone out there who has created their own Eco home or been involved in low impact living.

What are your thoughts on building an Eco home?



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