Costa Rican land for sale consisting of “Paradise” on the Pacific coast.

This wonderful piece of Costa Rican land for sale is on the Pacific coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, in the Gulf of Papagayo. It is the best tourist area in Central America. The land measures 58.000 meters square and is located 1000 meters from the sea. It has it’s own water and a small river with monkeys on one side of the property. The price is very, very interesting! If you want to get back to nature and unwind from stress, this is the property for you. This is where you will be quiet while connected to the world. To exist in this area but with all amenities of modern technology .There is an international airport 15 minutes away. As everyone knows, Costa Rica has more democracy and development compared to other countries in the area. It  is the quietest and has health care and high quality education with high political stability and high legal security. Go to the bottom of the page for more info in English, contact Louise HERE to arrange a viewing or more info also. Please quote reference 4032.

• Location: Playa Panama (or Chorotega), in the extraordinary and well known tourist zone Gulf of Papagayo (Culebra Bay), province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The property adjoins the area of the famous project Gulf of Papagayo, where the Government leases for certain periods of time (20-40 years?), land for the development of major tourism projects.
• Area: almost 58, 000 m2 (57, 931). Flat in its entirety, with slightly wavy.
• Land use: There was a municipal land use plan certification of a few years ago.
•Legal status: registered regularly to the register of property, surveyed, mortgage-free. The owner has been processed regularly increases in appraisals, to the municipality, to the respective territorial tax payment.
• Shipping limitations and other: there are no maritime restrictions, since the property is beyond the public yards from the high tide from the beach (located approximately 500 to 1000 meters away from the beach). Through the estate runs a small seasonal creek, with monkeys and other interesting animals, so that, by law, must be kept by a few meters, the vegetation of the trees while the River, by the Water Act.
• Public services: The property reaches the street, light and the local water pipe. In the area has all major utilities, phone, internet, health, education, etc.
• Water: as already described, the area boasts local small and property while the well of the responsible public institution, is A and A (water and sewer). In addition, the property has own water well (there are several laboratory analysis) of more than 10 liters per second as potential, which is sealed for protection, for not being in use at this time. It has updated permission of use of water of MINAET of 4 litres per second and the environmental permit for extraction of water by MINAET SETENA.
• Climate: tropical dry, with a sunny and dry season from November to April and a relatively rainy from May to October, with a dry month between July and August. Rain: around 1000 / 1500 mm/year, annual average temperature: around 27 ° C.
• Transportation services: very close to the international airport in Liberia, where come many regular and charter international flights of tourists from Europe and North America (15 minutes). Services of buses, as well as transport and tourist excursions.
• Tourism: in the area, there are many services and amusements of all kinds, shops, large hotels and resorts (local and international chains).
• Suitability of the property: could serve (personal opinion) for residence type luxury Park, tourist settlement mansion (best for mini luxury estates), water park, Centre of amusement, equestrian centre, Centre commercial, Golf, sports, etc.
• Current situation: the property has some fruit, has no useful constructions and is cared for by the neighbor (through a contract with the owner), which gives you a temporary and limited agricultural use. The fact of not having many trees, and have the free land, is considered very positive, so do not have environmental limitations. The buyer will then decide where and as planting vegetation that you want.
• Possible expansion: the neighbor seems willing to sell their property, in the event that you wish to buy more land. It also has a small hill.
• Requested price: this area is classified by the municipality of Carrillo with values reaching 80 US $ per m2; the selling price of the property is traded at $40 per square meter. Negotiable.  This price is considered as the net value received for the seller and does not include legal fees.
• Conditions of the country: as you know, Costa Rica is the country with more democracy and development in Central America, is the most quiet and has a high standard of education, health services (30 minutes the public Hospital of Liberia and 10 minutes the new private Hospital there is CIMA) and legal certainty.

For more information/photos or to arrange a viewing of this beautiful piece of paradise contact Louise here, quoting reference number 4032.