USA Spain Move to a Unique Property?

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Are you thinking of a USA Spain move soon? Then read on! Love where you live when you choose a Home in Spain. The beauty, love and welcoming atmosphere of Spain is why so many choose to move and live here. With many unique, beautiful homes that await; you can find something that is perfect for your specific style. Many of the houses have been refinished to create a beautiful home out of something less ordinary such as a barn, cave, castle or palace. You can choose a home that best suits your needs.

Why Choose a Uniquely Styled Home?

When moving somewhere new you’re changing the way you live, you’re changing the way you view the world and do things. Therefore, choosing an out-of-the-ordinary home can help you make those changes when you go through with the move. Each of the houses that can be found throughout various cities in Spain have something unique to give the visitor.

Whether you want a cave that is unnoticeable from the outside, but a lavish apartment on the inside or the ability to live in a palace that was once used by royals; there is something that is awe inspiring and astonishing for everyone that is looking to make the move.

Of course, Spain also gives way to the normal style cape cods and homes that you’re accustomed too, but when you make such a big move; you’re going to want to go all in and choose something that really stands out. Get creative with where you choose to live. After all, this is your chance to live in your dream home and you need to be choosy about where you live and what kind of home to move into.

Wondering How You’d Be Able to do a USA Spain move soon?

If you’re considering the move, then you want to ensure that you can get your household goods and even your vehicle to the new country. This can be done with a shipping company that can walk you through the process (this link) has a lot of great information on the subject of shipping a vehicle and household goods to Spain), so nothing is forgotten. Reputable and dependable should be the first things you look for.

Be prepared with this documentation when it comes to your USA Spain move

Your Passport
Declaration of Goods Being Shipped
Title, Bill of Sale of Vehicle
Documentation Requested by Customs and the Shipping Company
Customs Duties and Taxes Paid – This can be anywhere from 15-30% of the value of the items and a standard fee on top of this

The cost to ship not only your vehicle, but your household goods from the US to Spain can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,200. It is important to reduce the number of items you’re going to be bringing with you to cut the costs of having to ship everything. It is also important to note that roll-on, roll-off shipping is generally cheaper than container shipping; though it will provide a more secure way for you to bring your vehicle and items to the destination.

Expect the goods and vehicle to take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. This is because customs must look through the documentation and the items to ensure that everything is accepted into the country. You should be patient now. The items can be picked up by you with your passport once they arrive in Spain. It is important to note that you need a residency visa to stay within the country, as well as a Spain license, registration for the vehicle and insurance.

When choosing a home and going through the moving process know that Spain has a lot of history that is lurking in each of the corners. You can easily obtain the beautiful appeal that you want with the relaxation that comes from visiting the ocean or strolling through the small shops and cafes. Spain is open and welcome for anyone looking for a change and best of all, with the cultural diversity, the history, art and beautiful landscape, it is a country that is easy to love and feel at home in quickly. Going for an USA Spain move soon? Go to the home page to explore lots of unique dwellings in Spain and Europe.


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