Why I love Spain

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Why I love Spain As I write this post I’m sitting with the sunshine filtering in through the window. The door is open onto the garden. A blue sky, birds are singing and the distant crowing of the local cockeral fills the air.  Yes, this is January! Having just read a couple of emails from friend’s and family complaining of the constant rain, floods, cold, cost of heating in the UK  I’m very happy I chose Spain as my home.

Not only that, the Spanish are wonderful people. We are constantly being offered bags of delicious fruit and veg from the neighbours allotments. Aubergines, oranges, mangoes, sweet potatos, peppers. Far more flavourful than the UK supermmarkets can offer and for free!! Advice on our grapes and fruit trees, invited to family gatherings and always a hello and a cheery smile as our neighbours wander past our home.

But also the Spanish love to celebrate. All through the year you will discover a fiesta going on in one village or another. Last Sunday was the fiesta of San Sebastian. We took a short car drive up to the pretty mountain village of Comares and enjoyed a few hours of music from the band, free paella for all and a stroll around the various stalls offering local produce and other products. A day to meet up with friends and watch the celebration unfold. Take a look at the video below to get a taste.



We have various unique properties in different areas of Spain. Each area has it’s own unique qualities. From southern Spain and the coast, to Inland Andalucia with it’s stunning landscape and lakes.

If you are contemplating a move to this diverse country take a look HERE at the various interesting properties we offer for sale. From stunning luxury homes in Marbella to quaint cave houses in inland Spain.

If you have any wonderful experiences in various parts of the world and you would like to share them with us and our followers email us at [email protected] and send a description, photos and maybe a video and we shall publish it on our blog.





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